Couple goals are sharing a whole box of donuts together. Now just because these two were eating sugary sweet donuts for their donut couple photoshoot doesn’t mean it was all just cute vibes. These two were SPICY together. You could feel the electricity between this husband and wife. Keep scrolling through this donut couple […]

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June 10, 2020

Donut Couple Photoshoot // Scott + Sylvia

Lush woods, a Jeep fit for outrunning dinosaurs, and an adventurous bride and groom. It’s hard to believe this Jurassic Park Elopement took place in Michigan and isn’t in Jurassic Park itself. Is that the sound of a T-rex in the distance? This session will transport us back to my personal favorite movie, in this […]

Elopement, Featured, Photography

September 18, 2019

Jurassic Park Elopement // Michigan

a bride and a groom look at each other by a trex and vehicle

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