it's time to celebrate

Hiya! I'm Kya, nice to meet you.

I am your everyday Buddy the Elf meets Jessica Day from New Girl. And YES I have tried maple syrup on spaghetti & its actually delicious. I also have an obnoxious amount of vintage clothing. I live in MI aka the mitten state & spend my free time sandwiched between my Boyfriend Alex and our Siberian Husky aka our son, Fenrir. My natural habitat is LOTS of cuddling with my boys & smashing food in between every arcade game me & Alex can get our hands on. 

-Movie Scene Flashback- Itty bitty Kya with a disposable camera, awkward High School Kya with an outdated Canon, & still awkward but older Kya with an upgraded Canon. After years of exploring what I wanted to be an expert in I found it in listening to endless love stories, 3rd wheeling on adventures with rad couples, and capturing each unique spark between two people so beyond head over heels in love. 

Go To New York

Bucket List

Go To Disney
For The
First Time

Bucket List

Swim With
In Florida

Bucket List

Do a Session
In the Ocean

Bucket List

Do a Session
Antelope Canyon

Bucket List

Late night taco runs, first date moment that still leave you smiling ear to ear, to the endless cuddles while watching The Office for the millionth time. I want to capture more than a pretty picture. I want to capture your love story in every season of your life. The moments that take your breathe away. The raw unfiltered love.
Photo Shoot < Adventure with a 3rd wheel (aka ME!)
My artistic style is to create captured moments not awkward poses. I want to celebrate with you! We will create an adventure together that is filled with every quirk you love about each other, endless dad jokes (Did you hear about the restaurant on the moon? Great food, no atmosphere.), the sparks between each laugh, and lets not forget eating your favorite foods. I want to give you space to be exactly who you are together. 
I choose looking through the lens with my heart vs mimicking a Pinterest moment. 
I want people to look at your image and see your love story mixed with both of your personalities as if Maroon 5 wrote a love song just for you!
If you're like, UM YES I'VE GOT MAD FEELS RIGHT NOW! Then lets start planning your adventure!

and I am all about the butterflies.

this is your day

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Meet the team.

Yes. This is Alex (my Boyfriend). Yes. We are a team. And yes. I do believe he is the raddest second shooter that ever walked this earth! I am so thankful to get to work side by side with him. He always thinks bigger picture & captures the moment from another perspective that is full of warmth & speaks to the moment at a larger scale. 

We are like a Oreo Cookie, we each step in and use our differences to capture each moment so vividly that you feel like you are seeing it through a 360 view. Alex has such a gentle way of approaching it all and really takes every moment as the most important and treasured moment in that very second, 

We have been a team for 2 years and have traveled, explored new locations, and even co-directed a music video together. We are madly in love (yup the gooey mushy make you want to vomit kind) and are best friends. We are ready to travel hand in hand and celebrate your love story with you!