Second Shooter + My best friend

I am so thankful to get to work side by side with him. He always thinks bigger picture + captures the moment from another perspective that is full of warmth + speaks to the moment on a larger scale. 
We have traveled, explored new locations, and even co-directed a music video together. We are madly in love (yup the gooey mushy make you want to vomit kind) and are best friends. We are ready to travel hand in hand + celebrate your story with you! 


INTERN + My fur baby

I work hard so he can have a good life. In return he gives both Alex + I endless cuddles, sassy attitude, and reminds us to slow down and live in the moment. You can usually see him in video calls, hear him squeaking his toy sloth on a podcast or adventuring with us on the go. 
His favorite things are; snow, cuddles, and whatever is on your plate. 


I’m Kya Liann, a Michigan photographer, not your average blogger, and a grown up child with big dreams to help others find their magic.
I feel most myself when I am listening to Christmas music, eating Instagram dreamy foods, and being extra AF!
After years exploring what I wanted to be an expert in, I found it in listening to love stories from couples, connecting with people with big dreams, and capturing magic in everyday life.
My heart is to serve couples, women and business owners. I am set out to help others see and feel their own magic so they can use it in every aspect of their life and business.


Jurassic Park elopement