If you're a photographer, blogger, or a business owner then I can bet you have felt the waves of to-dos when it comes to keeping up with content. Trust me. You are not alone! Everyone has or is there. I got you and I am ready to help!

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SEO Targeted Blogs


Need help catching up on your blogs after a busy wedding season? Or you’ve been scrolling through Pinterest and are like “OK I want some super fun ‘How-to’ content!” I got you covered and I'm ready to help!

blogging doesn't have to feel like doing your laundry!

"Kya is a lifesaver! My schedule was insane and my poor blog took the backseat for many months. She quickly got me back on track."

SEO targeted blogs written for your voice and brand. 

A consultation call to go over your goals and walk through of process. 

A list of Keywords used for each blog post for future reference. 

Recommended Google approved amount of internal and external links per blog post. 

Images re-sized to fully be optimized for your blog and website. 

A final call to walk through each blog and answer any questions you may have. 

We schedule a quick 15 min phone call before ever sending you an invoice to get a better idea of what your goals are and how we can best help you with your blog. Wherever you are in your business we can help you!

What's Included?

Although you might be feeling overwhelmed just thinking about them right now I promise the process is a smooth as butter once you hand over the stress to us. Because this stuff is fun on our end. (you are the normal one and we are the weirdo's who love it at little to much!)

The Process

Step one

Inquire. Send us a message with all the details of where you are needing support and your goals. 


Step two

Phone call. We will schedule a 15 min call to go over you goals and walk you through the process.


Step three

Send the details. You will then send us over galleries, unique login, voice memos, and any other vendor or details wanted.


Step four

Time to get to work. From there we will begin the process and you can sit back and relax. 


Step five

Check it twice. Once blogs are ready you will receive a message to check it out and let us know if you need any revisions.


Step six

Publish. Once they have been checked the blogs will be ready for you to publish when you're ready.



Can I blog old content? YES! I get this question a lot. Content is always good no matter how old. As long as it fits your goals and brand now then we can absolutely still blog it. 

Do I have to have a lot of images? Nope! You will want some images but sometimes less is more. Think about how your reader or you would want to read a blog and start from there. 

Do I need to understand SEO? Not at all. I will walk you through it and explain it briefly but you don't have to have a PHD in SEO to understand how it'll help you. That's where we come in.

Will it mess up my website when you put the blogs in? No. The part of your website we use to put your blogs into is a separate section so all your hard work on your website is safe! 

Do I have to have a specific type of website to blog? Most website hosts will have the option and we have worked within lots such as Showit, Squarespace, WordPress, and Wix. So you should be good to go! 

details & booking

If you have old blogs but they aren't SEO targeted or Google-approved they likely aren't getting you any views. But the good news is you don't have to start from scratch and can update them to start getting readers to see them!

Have old blogs that need seo updates?

Blog Revisions

details & booking

Pinterest is a really powerful tool to have in your business and you likely already use it everyday. Whether you are starting from scratch or need help updating it to be SEO targeted and fitting your brands needs we can help. 

Don't have a pinterest but know you need one?


details & booking

Why is pinning your favorite recipes or new hairstyle way easier than pinning your own content? Trust me I know the feeling but that's why outsourcing your Pinterest pins can be the way to go so you can focus on other areas of your business. 

Don't have the time to pin content?


details & booking

Starting out in photography? Feel stuck in your editing or prompts? Don't understand SEO or can't figure out the backend of your blog? I have been there before and sometimes one on one help is easier than a YouTube video! So I got your back and I am ready to help you break that wall down to reach your goals! 

have photography or seo blog questions?


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If you haven't already, I invite you to read about why a copywriter will help you attract your dream clients and the services I offer.

You can do this! Sometimes getting through those frustrating walls is easier when you have the support. Hiring a coach was one of the greatest supports to break down my own personal walls. Its like bringing a YouTube video to life that knows exactly what you need!

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