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Chroma Detroit Wedding Capturing the essence and magic of the city.

When it comes to Detroit, finding magic is the easy part. It’s in every piece of what makes the motor city so much fun to explore. The Chroma Detroit is one of those beautiful pieces. A wedding venue that embodies the city’s essence with panoramic views above, golden light shining through the windows sparkling along your tables, and coordinators that feel like friends.

If you are looking for a Wedding Venue in Detroit with the essence and magic of the city, you will find it and more at Chroma Detroit. Are you ready to explore the beauty of a Wedding there?

When you think of your wedding day and all the pieces that go into it, getting ready is just as important to set the vibe and energy. Detroit has many beautiful hotels and venues, allowing you to be pampered and share your first looks. One of many that truly puts you in the heart of the city is Shinola. Modern luxury meets downtown elegance. It gives you the space to get ready together or apart but in entirely different rooms without leaving the building, with private hallways and breathtaking views from the windows. Sharing this space with your loved ones sets the day up in a way that keeps the excitement going; even when you have countless hours of hair and makeup, you won’t be bored!

You’ll have shuttles to the venue, easy parking, and stunning building views. It’s all covered when going from getting ready to the ceremony, so you can be present in your day and take it all in.

The Chroma Detroit has many stunning options for your ceremony layout, from city views to stunning architecture and interior design. They can completely take your vision and heighten it in a way that feels like a surprise even after all the planning and time thinking about it. This ceremony was precious, with many laughs and sweet moments honoring their mothers. The space genuinely allowed the golden hour to come through and the celebration to begin.

Cocktail hour in the glow of the sunset. Toasts with the lights of the city at night twinkling behind you. A stage for live music and dancing the night away.

The reception is part of the day many of my couples say is the highlight they most look forward to. It’s the last moments of your day you walk away with and is when you can say, “Holy sh*T, we are married!” The untouched space is remarkable, but with your extra pizzazz, it’s hands down the most inviting party I have ever seen. You feel like your day is the concert of your dreams, and you are the headliner. Not to mention when Blue Water Kings Band steps into the room, you will undoubtedly have the best night of your life. They take receptions to the next level and have been by far my favorite wedding day moments time after time.

The night may be over at Chroma Detroit, but the city is calling you. With endless night adventures, you can keep the party going with friends and loved ones.

Every bit of the process at Chroma Detroit heightens and documents the moments of your day in a way that feels like art. The magic is just waiting around every corner. Not to mention some of the best coordinators and staff I have ever worked with. I truly love this beautiful wedding venue in Detroit and look forward to returning.

If you are already swooning over Chroma Detroit and need to know all the incredible vendors that went into it, I’ve got you!

Photographer: Kya Liann

Venue: Chroma Events

Hotel: Shinola Hotel

Florist: Emerald City Designs

Hair and Makeup Artist: Bridal Beauty Couture

Wedding Dress: Allure Bridal, Molly

Officiant: Eileen, Down the Aisle Ceremonies

Live Entertainment: Blue Water Kings Band

Caterers: Chroma Events

Wedding Planner: Lizzie Rupinski, Chroma Events

Cake Baker: Morning Glory

Want more stunning views of Detroit? These Detroit Engagement Photos will have you running for a slice of pizza from Mootz. But if you crave more magical golden light, The Treasury Pontiac will give you endless amounts.

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