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A Maui vacation is not complete without these road to Hana stops. Whether you are looking for food trucks and a coffee for a boost of energy, a waterfall excursion, or to step into black sands these will add magic to your trip. Maui’s magic is along every inch of the road to Hana so buckle up.

Keep scrolling to see my top 3 road to Hana stops and why they are some of my personal favorite stops during this magical drive on the road to Hana.

Upper Waikani Falls / 3 Little Bears.

There are a lot of waterfalls along this trip and its easy to get excited and want to pull over at everyone. This is one waterfall you do not want to miss. It is made up of 3 cascading waterfalls or known as the 3 little bears. When there is heavy rainfall it becomes 1 large cascading waterfall or known as papa bear. You can get up close when its just the 3 little bears but keep in mind this is no easy task. Warning, this is an exceedingly difficult climb and slippery. I do not recommend this for everyone. But if you are comfortable and familiar with it it’s not a far hike and you really get to take in these beautiful falls.

Whether your up close or far away the 3 little bears waterfalls will take your breath away.

Nahiku Marketplace and Coffee Shop

On the left side of the road, you will find a line of ‘food truck’ vendors and a little coffee shop. It is a perfect little spot to grab a bite to eat or a cup of coffee for a little kick of energy. I am a big fan of quirky local coffee shops so I knew this would have to be on my top road to Hana stops. The food here can be a little bit pricey but if you are in a pinch or do not mind it is a good easy go-to. It is a relaxing stop to just sit and enjoy the moment.

Whether its coffee, smoothies, or barbeque don’t forget to indulge in your favorites while on your Maui vacation. Everything has a Hawaii twist to it and is worth adding to your best places to visit in Hawaii.

Wai’anapanapa State Park / Black Sand Beach

One of our most loved road to Hana stops is Wai’anapanapa State Park. This black sand beach will be unlike anything you have ever seen. The texture is much different than the sand we are used to on a typical beach. When you are swimming in the water it creates a whole new atmosphere. From little caves to beautiful beaches and trails. There are amazing views every way you look, this is one of the best places to visit in Hawaii.

Make sure to give yourself enough time. You’ll want to enjoy each of your picks when planning your top road to Hana stops. There will be a lot of beautiful stops along the way. Whatever you pick you will not be disappointed. I promise.

I talk a little bit more about our trip to Hawaii in Episode #3 of the Chin Up Buttercup Podcast. You can listen to the episode on the streaming platform of your choice.

Planning to get married in Hawaii. Let us photograph the magic for you! Then you can spend more time hands-free and in the tropical paradise that is Hawaii.

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