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Couple goals are sharing a whole box of donuts together. Now just because these two were eating sugary sweet donuts for their donut couple photoshoot doesn’t mean it was all just cute vibes. These two were SPICY together. You could feel the electricity between this husband and wife.

Keep scrolling through this donut couple photoshoot to see why incorporating food can add magic to your session and why getting your photos taken after your married is even spicier than the honeymoon phase.

I am obsessed with food. So during every photo shoot, I always make sure to include their favorite food. For these two cuties, it was Dunkin Donuts + Iced Coffee. I stopped by Dunkin Donuts on the way to meeting these two cuties to grab their favorites and headed over to the location. This whole session was an adventure. We had a rough idea of what Scott + Sylvia loved but these two were open to trying new things and just going with the flow. When we got to the location it was way to sunny, so we went across the street to this gray wall on the side of a liquor store. You wouldn’t think by knowing that it would be super glamorous.

Sometimes when your session doesn’t go according to plan or what you imagined that’s when the real magic happens.

We had talked prior to the session about outfits and each brought a bag of stuff to put together. We had an overall idea but I’ve found if you are doing things more like an adventure session it can work out better if you are open in the moment and going off how you feel then. I had brought a pair of vintage Levi jeans and Sylvia had a black bralette, as well as last-minute, found a black jacket in the back of her car. From there everything just natural pieced together and the fire between these two elevated.

Going against the grain is my thing. I want my couples to feel comfortable but also see the magic between each other. This will naturally happen through my prompts and just allowing my couple to be themselves.

Did they just come out of a magazine? Because OH MY GOSH was the electricity between them unreal. Who said married couples can’t have the fire still going? We just continued to stay in the moment and have fun throwing jokes around. Sylvia has her own dance company Suttle Dance. So naturally, these two are very athletic. They do acro yoga together for fun too. She looked so natural sitting on his shoulder.

Incorporating food into your engagement photos or couple photoshoot can add a fun little touch and help you both feel more like yourself.

We pulled out the donuts and iced coffee and dug right in. These two are just so much fun to be around. They have such playful energy between each other. This is what marriage looks like when you marry your best friend. They couldn’t stop laughing or keep their hands off each other. I am thankful for a job that allows me to give couples another opportunity to connect and be with each other. Your photoshoot shouldn’t feel like a chore it should feel like a fun date.

If you’re planning a cute couple photoshoot make sure to check out this Notebook Engagement. If you are ready to book a session but not sure what you want to do for your session don’t stress. Let’s get in touch and I can help you plan the perfect session for you two!

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  1. Rebekah says:

    Shut the front door. Sweet AND spicy. 😍 You creates such a safe space for them to be truly themselves. These photos are epic!

  2. Amy Edwards says:

    Hell yeah! This is what I’m talking about right here!

  3. This couple is so rad. I love the layout of this blog!

  4. sara says:

    dude! can I get a donut now haha. These are so cute love the idea of adding food. SO much fun.

  5. Mikalynn says:

    Every one of these are so creative! I love it. 🙌

  6. Tom says:

    Yes to more donut shoots! Such an adorable session! 🙂

  7. Oh yeah! Cool AF couple and donuts – what more do you need?? Awesome shoot

  8. HOW FREAKING FUN!!! I want a session like this now!!

  9. Kate says:

    I was half expecting a photoshoot of two actual donuts, going by the title! Then I saw the images and AAAAAAAH. They are AMAZING and so fun.
    Now I’m hungry.


  10. Jenn says:

    This looks like such a fun time!

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